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A Thought, a Word, a Dream ….. and Chaos.

Year that was ..2020. How I will remember it.

Every year is same, starts the same way and ends similar. Events in your life do not look at the calendar and jump up to say " Here is Jan 1 , let us do something special".But this year was... Continue Reading →

When I started driving 25 yrs back, there was a panic reaction every time someone honked. I turned, looked around, trying to find what did I do wrong. I kept learning...always. Now I just turn on the music and find... Continue Reading →

His Birthday

The little boy had his new dress on for school .He had a bag of chocolates to share with his friends and teachers in class. While waiting for his school bus, all he could think and talk about to his... Continue Reading →

Women Empowerment: Career and A Mother’s Conflict

Continuing the previous post on women empowerment ,I will come to more crucial question that needs discussion, albeit is again a contrarian view. In our race for gender neutrality ,I think we are missing the point. It is all about division... Continue Reading →

Trying in Trial Rooms

          While world deals with some of the very serious issues civilizations have ever seen, my simple  life has a small grudge, actually two .I tried rationalizing but have given up after years and years of same experience without much... Continue Reading →

Problem with lessons learnt in life is that you never get to apply them again, ever. Don't learn, just live.

Lot of noise around fairness creams and racism .When will there be a campaign on "waxism", "threadism" and "bleachism", all painful procedures expecting women to look a certain way? Women have set up impossible standards of beauty for themselves and now... Continue Reading →

Ayn Rand – Her world and mine

Got my hands on Ayn Rand's biography Ayn Rand and The World She Made by  Anne C. Heller in a second-hand book shop that I frequent in Koramangla, Bangalore. In final year of college, there was plenty of time to indulge in hobbies,... Continue Reading →

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