I have been driving for almost 20 years on roads in small town mofussil India and A list metros. I have planned my life around beating the traffic game and have been able to manage this beast with some finesse.

Working women in Bangalore with kids are  species who need to be seen to be believed.

However , when on road while office /home commute , one often turns philosophical .May be because there is nothing else to do , maybe the path is so beaten that you can drive in your sleep or may be the song on the radio is too boring .

Since the commute is mostly between office and home, happenings in office are usually at the top of my mind .I find that some of the lessons that you learn on road are actually quite useful in corporate life.

Listing some of those that do seem to reflect a usual corporate life –

Red lights

No matter how fast you are going and how much in a hurry you are to reach your destination, you will always have to stop at a red light. There will be instances in your professional life where you are on a high, but it is always better to stop once a while and check out the surroundings. You might need this information later.

Lane driving

Yeah, lane driving is for disciplined folks, who have found their place in the complex world and are secure in their knowledge, whether on road or in an organization. It does not make them lesser .Cutting lanes or stepping toes  is avoidable ,not only because your own identity might be damaged in the process, you will hurt others and loose good will .Being nice is a long time investment ,not for people who are in for quick bucks.

Slow movers

So we have all seen folks who for some reason will not go beyond 20 km in the fastest lane. They could be learners (a red L is a safest disclaimer), their car could be new or they could be first time drivers. They have probably planned enough time on road to reach their destination .But you are in a hurry and it is frustrating to keep getting blocked by slow movers .Why should you be wasting time if you are not tied by any constraints like above? You need to just switch on the indicator ,change lanes and find your own path and speed .

Zebra crossing

In any organization, there are ample opportunities for any smart Alec to step on someone else’s shoulders and move up. Some get pretty successful too .But remember, you were once that pedestrian crossing the road when others stopped for you to let you through. You need to give it back by showing the same courtesy .This is not required to be successful, but it is required to be human.


Of course, cannot but not talk about gender, though I believe the issue itself is not gender specific. I often find bullies on road, who are in for winning .And heavens forbid if you had the temerity to overtake them, they will never forgive you for that. You will be honked at, they will drive very close to you and try to unnerve you .Keep your focus, look straight and do not let any distraction force you to commit mistakes whether you meet them on roads or at workstations .Keep calm, roll up your windows, switch on the AC, swear if you want to and go back to what you were doing ,drive and reach your destination. Streets are filled with idiots, what’s girl gonna do?


It is not always possible to overtake all vehicles on road. Larger the vehicle ,slower the speed .If you are agile and flexible ,you will find overtaking much smoother with lesser conflict .At the same time , trying to overtake every vehicle will result in frustration .You will have to assess capability and horse power  for your vehicle and take an informed decision to keep peace with yourself and find right balance. For me, I have been driving mostly diesel version of India made brand that keeps me grounded.

Someone in my office asked ,“So you drive like ladies generally do or like guys?”. I said “Neither. In spirit, I am a cab driver”