The little boy had his new dress on for school .He had a bag of chocolates to share with his friends and teachers in class. While waiting for his school bus, all he could think and talk about to his dad was how today was going to be special for him. All little boys and girls will wish him  and his teachers will shower him with attention throughout the day. May be the bully of the class will spare him this time and that teacher scolding him for bad handwriting will find his homework a work of art.

Today was his birthday. All elders he knew were checking on him to know what he wanted on his birthday. This time, he wanted a Rubik’s cube. He was fascinated by colors. He did not know that the cube is actually supposed to be test of mental acuity. How difficult can it be to bring same color faces on one side, he thought. When getting ready for school, he was worried that applying a winter cream that said ” for Dry skin” will actually make his skin dry and ruin his day.He wanted everything to be perfect.

Today  was about feeling important. He had no clue what makes birthdays so different from other days, they just did.Of course, his mom had made him promise that as soon as birthday is over, he is a grown man in the house and needs to take care of his own things like brushing his own teeth, folding up his own clothes and cleaning up after his friends have left. He may even have to assist his mom in preparing lunches in early mornings. It did not occur to him to ask why his elder sister does not do the same. He was just too happy to be in the moment. Of course, growing up comes with responsibilities and he understood that very well. After all , his aim was to replace Dad as the man of the house when he grows to be of Dad’s size.Not like his sister, who asked on her fifth birthday if she is going to be back to four after the birthday was over.

Breakfast for school today was to be special too. Something sweet may be, a pancake with butter and honey that he loved or chocolate cake. That did not happen, seems mom forgot all about it in the bustle of daily chores. Never mind, dad promised that there is going to be plenty of cake when he gets home and did he forget, he is going to have party exclusively for his friends.

School was normal. He went around with his bag of sweets handing over two to each of his mates in class. School has rules about that. There was some disappointment among  his friends as he told his mom later .There was a friend who wanted to come along and distribute sweets, but the boy had different priorities. How could he ignore his BFF ? There was some confusion on whether the disappointed friend will make it to the birthday party. But the little boy did not care. He did the right thing.

For leftover chocolates, mom had suggested to share with his fellow commuters in the bus. His sister was to give definite guidance on who should be the beneficiary. It was later learnt that there was a lot of ruckus with the little boy surrounded by bus folks, some wanting chocolates and others wanting to know what the ruckus was all about.

He came home teary eyed. His day had turned out quite different in the bus. A bubble was burst.

He said to his mom,”Everyone just wanted chocolates. They hogged me asking for more. When I gave one, they wanted another.  No one even wished me Happy Birthday!!”

But there was cake at home. Mom kissed him two hundred times more than she usually did. And the sister did not scold and helped him put his clothes in order. Dad was home early. And tomorrow was the party.

World order was restored and quickly forgotten. Rubik’s cube is still in wish list.