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Women Empowerment: An Alternate View

I am not a feminist, mostly because I am not very clear on what it means and what all it covers. Being on the wrong side of feminism will be a problem. So I will leave it be. History of feminism... Continue Reading →

Corporate Life Lessons from Indian Roads

 I have been driving for almost 20 years on roads in small town mofussil India and A list metros. I have planned my life around beating the traffic game and have been able to manage this beast with some finesse. Working women in... Continue Reading →

A 6000kms Roadtrip: Bangalore to Garhwal Hills

        "I went looking for pictures and found a spot straight out of some NAT GEO Documentary. This is the spot I found" Folks, this is a narrative of our experience of driving across the heartland of India and then... Continue Reading →

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