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Short Sight, Long Pain

It is difficult to imagine the challenges that people with impaired vision wearing prescription glasses,specially the short sighted ones, go through .While generally it is believed that glasses are sign of erudition and intellectual bent of mind, they actually have pretty high... Continue Reading →


Women Empowerment: An Alternate View

I am not a feminist, mostly because I am not very clear on what it means and what all it covers. Being on the wrong side of feminism will be a problem. So I will leave it be. History of feminism... Continue Reading →

Corporate Life Lessons from Indian Roads

 I have been driving for almost 20 years on roads in small town mofussil India and A list metros. I have planned my life around beating the traffic game and have been able to manage this beast with some finesse. Working women in... Continue Reading →

A 6000kms Roadtrip: Bangalore to Garhwal Hills

        "I went looking for pictures and found a spot straight out of some NAT GEO Documentary. This is the spot I found" Folks, this is a narrative of our experience of driving across the heartland of India and then... Continue Reading →

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